Helmed by Jefery Kurniadidjaja and Nathan Yong (Ex–founder of Air Division & recipient of Singapore President’s Design Award, Designer of the Year 2008), Grafunkt strives to deliver contemporary designs that combine creativity, functionality and quality in a retail environment that challenges, teases and inspires. What sets us apart? We do what we like, and that’s the difference.


Grafunkt is a forward thinking lifestyle brand that aims to promote good design appreciation through the products we carry. We believe that furniture design and functionality are not exclusive. Purposefully designed and artfully created, quality and functionality are core to the designs we carry. Through Grafunkt Design District, we want to promote a lifestyle more considered by transcending the typical retail experience so our customers get inspired by seeing and feeling the stories of our brands.


We believe that life is better appreciated when we are surrounded with well-thought objects. Objects that serve well with their functionality, and at the same time, inspire us with their beauty and creativity. Through our various platforms, be it our physical store or our digital channels, we seek to create conversation, to educate and enlighten like-minded souls, to share our values together, so that we can live better.


We scour for brands and products that are unique, yet fundamentally aligned with the Grafunkt philosophy. We believe in investing only in what is worth it, and the stringent selection of products that we carry goes down to the procurement of raw materials and the manufacturing process. Art lies not just in the end product, but in the entire process. This is tied in with the rich cultural and historical legacies that our partner brands are rooted in, resulting in quality craftsmanship and design that is fundamentally functional and timeless in their designs. Designing and producing with a purpose helps to build up our brands’ stories, and to cultivate a more considered lifestyle. Our esteemed partnerships roam around the world from Japan to Denmark, Spain, and even France. We are also increasing efforts to work with local designers to foster a supportive and enabling design community within Singapore, providing and lending our platforms to boost awareness and relationships.