Started in 2006, Muuto is a Scandinavian design inspired company based in Copenhagen, Denmark. Their name is inspired by the finnish word 'muutos', which means 'new perspectives'. They seek to deliver new perspectives on Scandinavian tradition by incorporating enduring aesthetics with functionality, craftsmanship and an honest expression. The Muuto creative team works collaboratively with handpicked leading contemporary designers from around the world to produce designs that are enduring with forward-looking materials, creativity and techniques. Grafunkt is the official retail partner of Muuto in Singapore.
Incepted in 1860 France, Ligne Roset endured through centuries and continues to be family-run today. Retaining its core values to produce design-forward and contemporary styles, Ligne Roset sets itself apart with its tradition of investing in dynamic designer collaborations. Their persistence toward design is exemplified in their willingness to invest in new materials and technical innovations to cater to new and unprecedented designs. Ligne Roset is recognised for their excellence with awards by consecutively winning the Red Dot “Best of the Best” award, along with numerous VIA awards. Their international acclaim is demonstrated by the 200 exclusive Ligne Roset stores, and 750 retailers, worldwide.
Founded in 1968, Hokkaido, Conde House has had over 50 years of experience in furniture-making. Owning their very own mill in Asahikawa allows them to pursue profound manufacturing methods, which combine traditional craftsmanship with the advanced machineries of today. Taking pride in the Japanese aesthetic and conscientiousness towards nature, Conde House roots its inspiration from the surrounding Hokkaido forests. This consideration for nature propels them to create furniture in a conscious and ethical manner, and by using as much Hokkaido wood as possible without wastage, they produce products that will last a lifetime for homes and offices alike.
Founded in 2002, HAY is a Danish brand that builds its name through an array of contemporary and functional furniture, accessories and lighting. Their values are imbued with an honest ethos, engaging in true craftsmanship whilst being environmentally-conscious. The use of sophisticated manufacturing techniques is guarded by HAY's strict standards, ensuring their partners are ISO-certified and/or FSC-certified, conducting regular site visits to ensure their values remain aligned. The fuse of style with functionality in HAY's carried designs convey their desire to deliver a more pronounced lifestyle through simple and straight-forward designs that add value to living.
Born in Spain over 40 years ago, Sancal is a brand that is expressive through its colours and bold upholstery options. They create unique and eclectic furniture that are not bound by convention, but are instead, inspired by innovation, creativity, simplicity and familiarity. By bringing together these four basic principles, Sancal seeks to create unique yet accessible furniture that are imbibed with character and expression. They are also environmentally-conscious, being ISO-certified, and create pieces that last the ages to counter the throw-away society. Not only do they use wood from renewable sources, their factories in Spain are entirely powered by solar panels too! Sancal is an internationally-recognised brand with their products in interior design projects in over 90 countries, and Grafunkt is proud to be their official partner retailer in Singapore.
Manufacturers since 1947, Treku was founded in a small coastal town, Zarautz in Spain. Their humble beginnings as a family-run carpentry workshop for their town was rooted in simplicity, guarded by a conscientiousness, integrity and a taste for details. Today, Treku retains these values whilst adapting modern machinery into traditional craftsmanship, where the human touch and eye still play a crucial role in the manufacturing process, piecing together the final design. This modern carpentry workshop has established their name worldwide, and continue to come up with timeless and sophisticated designs, often which allow a lot of flexibility to customise size, function and style to fit the specific needs of every home.
Incepted in 1987, Spain, Nani Marquina inherited and cultivated the mind for innovation and creativity from Rafael Marquina, her father - one of the pioneers of Spanish design. With foresight, Nanimarquina works with renowned designers in the creation of new designs, setting the precedence for designer rugs. Playing with textures, colours and shapes, Nanimarquina rugs are deeply emotive and expressive, injecting spaces with a sense of well-being. The research that goes into the manufacturing process also ensures that Nanimarquina's products are wholesome and honest. Once they discovered the profound cultures in the developing countries where manufacturing takes place, Nanimarquina relocated all their production to set-up there. This allows them to properly align their ideal of boosting economies in these areas by directly engaging with the locals and offering more opportunities to their community, whilst appreciating the values and skills of these craftsmen.
Born in Tuscany in the 60s, Magniflex produces mattresses that are 100% made in Italy. They convey the sophistication and tendency for taste of the Italians through the profound comfort that their mattresses deliver. They have earned an international name for themselves with over 4000 retailers in more than 99 international markets, and is also the supplier for more than 500 established hotels worldwide. The products are made of only Italian materials, and put together by skilled technicians in Italy. They are also an environment-conscious company, being certified with OEKO-TEX®, that guarantees the absence of substances which are toxic and noxious for man and nature inside each component of the final product; GOTS, issued by the Institute for Ethical and Environmental Certification which guarantees that the fabrics used in the Tuscany line are made of 100% organic materials, with the maximum protection for man and environment. Magniflex is also the company that patented vacuum packing, reducing overall volume by 90% whilst simultaneously preserving hygiene and quality of the mattresses. Vacuum packed mattresses also reduces packaging and trips made during transportation, reducing their carbon footprint on the whole.
Founded by Grafunkt co-founder, Nathan Yong, Folks is a Singapore furniture line that specialises in woodworks, helmed by Nathan's own designs. The designs are inspired by the everyday, inculcating functionality into the simple lines that define Folks' works. The attention to detail combined with Nathan's inquisitive character enables Folks furniture to be nostalgic and fresh simultaneously, pushing the boundaries set by convention and often imbibing a sense of poetry into his finished design. Folks regularly works with fellow Asian artisans to manufacture Nathan's designs, creating furniture that are honest and enduring in both quality and design.
Started in 1941 in Spain, GANDIABLASCO started pushing the envelope in the world of design by pushing for contemporary designs in a largely traditional country. Their formative years of experimentation and innovation with textiles paved their way to success when they debuted with their iconic outdoor furniture. GAN is the dedicated arm that produces rugs for the GANDIABLASCO company, and their rugs are a creative fuse of textiles and workmanship, where they persistently explore new techniques and designs. GAN carries a wide array of outdoor rugs and indoor rugs that pay huge attention to small details, resulting in clean and simple designs that are easy to complement any space.
After working for 7 years in Berlin from 1985, Time&Style established their company back in their homeland Japan in 1992. The international perspectives they gained in their former years gave them a renewed perspective on Japanese craftsmanship. Today, they marry the traditional craft of Japan with contemporary nuances to produce timeless and stylish products that are rooted in creating improved functionality for users. They partner with numerous workshops in Japan, tapping on the traditional industries to produce authentically Japanese furniture, accessories and lighting, and have also started their own factory since 2008 in Hokkaido. Setting up a showroom in Shanghai (2012) and Amsterdam (2017), Grafunkt is honoured to represent Time&Style exclusively in Singapore.
Originating from Copenhagen, Denmark, in 1874, Louis Poulsen is inspired by the Scandinavian design tradition where form follows function. Their adage today is design to shape light, where their designs work to enhance and complement natural light. Working with renowned light connoisseurs from all over the world like Poul Henningsen, Arne Jacobsen, Verner Panton, Øivind Slaatto, Alfred Homann, Oki Sato and Louise Campbell, Louis Poulsen has established themselves as the fore-runners of lighting in households and offices. Their manufacturing process is one of true craftsmanship, producing original and revolutionary light systems that have transformed the construction of lighting for the entire world. Most notable is Poul Henningsen's 3-shade lamp system reflected in the PH collection, offering glare-free lighting options that fill spaces with a warm and inviting ambience.
Started in 2007 in Copenhagen, LUCKYBOYSUNDAY makes all their knitted design friends in Bolivia, land of the alpacas. Rooted in the centuries-old tradition, LUCKYBOYSUNDAY used only the highest grade of wool from alphacas, making their friends valuable and soft as cashmere. LUCKYBOYSUNDAY also works only with cooperatives under the fair trade principle, engaging the expertise of talented men and women artisans. Their faux fur buddies are manufactured in a real teddy factory in China, where the close attention to detail coupled with frequent visits maintains a close relationship and aligned values with regards to production quality.