2020 Jan - Grafunkt x Mojoko - Custom Angbaos for Year of the Rat

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It has been a short while since Christmas but here at Grafunkt we sure are getting right into the festive spirit of CNY! We are very excited to introduce our first collaboration of the year – with none other than the esteemed Mojoko, aka Steve Lawler (@mojokoworld).

Grafunkt x Mojoko Angbao Collaboration

Not to be confused with the DJ of the same name, Lawler needs no introduction, currently heading EYEYAH! and The Unusual Network whilst creating artworks. He constantly pushes creativity with his pop culture-esque graphic artworks.


The custom angbao features iconic rat characters taken from pop culture references across all ages, connecting generations – true to the CNY spirit.

Fun fact regarding this collaboration: It started off with a spontaneous comment by our co-founder, Nathan Yong, on Lawler’s facebook post sharing his “鼠” (Chinese: rat) artwork. The comment on how the artwork would look great on an angbao was all the spark the two creative heads needed to create this bomb limited edition angbao! Interested fans of Mojoko and Grafunkt can look forward to getting their hands on a pack of 8 of the limited edition collectible angbaos at $16 per pack, or with a minimum purchase of $30 made at Grafunkt and/or Café Grafunkt! Limited quantities are available, and are subject to a first-come-first-serve basis, starting this weekend (18 January 2020). (Redemptions of angbaos with minimum purchase will be limited to 2 packs max)


Original artwork by Mojoko, image taken from his Facebook post

The original artwork (A2 size) is also available, but in very limited quantities. Out of the 30 available prints, there are only 3 available (27, 28 & 29 out of the 30) in stock at Grafunkt, and are going at $288 each.

Of the collaboration, Nathan says:

I’ve always been a closet fan of Steve Lawler since the day of KULT magazine* LOL I would visit hip shops just to take a free copy of it for keeps. I like his Hollywood and Asian/Singapore pop culture references in his works, almost Quentin Tarantino-esque in print.


*Kult Magazine is one of Steve Lawler’s ex-projects. He no longer manages or intervenes in the magazine in any manner.

This collab was seeded just within a day (9/1/20), after I saw Steve (MOJOKO) posted this artwork of various rats featuring pop culture icons from movies, cartoons and comics. It was in red with a white background, not wanting to lose the opportunity to work with him, I immediately left a comment to Steve telling him this should be an Ang Bao, and the rest is history.


I imagine a "Lo-fi" approached of just printing it in red colour on a low gsm textured paper as a reference to a time when communication designs were more in your face (Tai Thong Cake shop, Yong He eating house at Geylang, Muruku Ikan (baby brand) cracker from Malaysia etc). I found all these very similar to the spirit that Grafunkt is trying to embody and promote – basically no fuss and just good stuff that put a smile on your face. KONG XI FA CAI

- Nathan Yong, Grafunkt.

What does the rat say? An interview with Steve Lawler on #GrafunktxMojoko Angbaos

What is the story behind “鼠”?

Every year I like to make a pop culture artwork inspired by the Chinese zodiac. Triggered by various elements not normally associated with the sign, fun associations, absurd associations and connect to an audience of varying generations. There have been several iconic cartoon/comic rat/mouse characters across the ages. How many can you spot?


What was your initial reaction to the collaboration with Grafunkt to turn your work into an angbao design? What were the challenges/changes you encountered and had to make when translating the big picture into a pocket design?

I always wanted to turn my creations into Red Packets but I always felt it was hard to get the same detail on a small canvas. For instance in this project, I had to reduces some of the smaller elements and reformat the work to fit the elongated shape of the Ang Bao. Originally the size is much bigger, almost half a metre.


What is it about Grafunkt that you really resonate with, that made you say “yes” to this collaboration?

It’s one of the few brands that […] always had a solid status in my mind of design and quality. Many furniture brands here were severely lacking in both style and quality, but Grafunkt was not just good looking but good feeling too.

Is there an essential piece of furniture at home that you cannot live without? If you had to pick only one design, what would you get from Grafunkt?

I have fake Eames chair at home right now and its total shit. I can’t even sit on it. It looks amazing but its lousy. I like a good armchair, its where I can calm down the brain and think of new ideas new connections. I often read and do most of my listening to music and podcasts there. I am not a sofa person. I think my fave piece from the collection is the Uchiwa Chair with white panel cushions and oak finish. It looks super stylish and has echoes of an evil super villain chair. What’s not to like?


[The Uchiwa Lounge Chair by Hay is available for preorders at Grafunkt.]

What’s your zodiac sign? Can you name us the characteristic that best mirrors the animal?

I am a snake.


Year of the Snake, 2013 - Mojoko




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