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A living table series that collects the best of processing technology, such as a top plate that is smoothly finished by hand and a line of high-precision legs. The solid oak top plate has an isosceles triangle, and the solid marble top plate has three types: round, oval, and rectangular. You can enjoy a wide range of coordination by combining different sizes and top plates.

Base profile in either aluminum powder coated metallic gray (MGY) or aluminum powder coated metallic beige (MBE).

Dia40 H45 cm
Dia60 H45 cm
Dia85 H38 cm
Dia125 H31 cm
W100 D65 H38 cm
W120 D35 H55 cm
W65.5 D62.2 H45.8 cm (Wood)
W96.6 D78.1 H38.8 cm (Wood)
W121.6 D100 H31.8 cm (Wood)

Tabletop Options:
Wood - White Oak, Grey Oak, Dark Grey Oak, Maroon Brown Oak, Coffee Brown Oak
Marble - Forest Green, Portoro Royale, Turkish Grey, Belgian Fossil, Luna Beige, Ice Crystal


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