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The Colours of the Seasons. Identity and Colours by Treku.

Jun 01, 2021

Colors, they say, are an illusion created to understand reality. Like illusions, colors are profoundly subjective. Each color enjoys a meaning according to the eyes, the culture or the sensibility of the person who sees it. Two people never see the same violet, nor the same green, let alone coincide when referring to the same tone of black.

- Treku

Treku Colours 1

The versatility of Treku's collections would not be complete
without their vast array of colours available to pair with in any combination of your liking.

Treku Colours 29

From cooler tones

Treku Colours 3

To warmer hues

Treku Colours 4

Treku derives their colour palettes straight from nature.

Treku Colours 5

With varying nuances of saturation that you are innately familiar with

Treku Colours 6

Their color palette is an expression of all of that
and the necessity to create spaces with soul through our furniture.

Treku Colours 7

Colours that inspire you, and that comfort you.
Most importantly, colours that resonate with you.
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