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Treku: Versatility Meets Function, Your Storage Solution.

Treku: Versatility Meets Function, Your Storage Solution.

Treku: Versatility Meets Function, Your Storage Solution.

Treku: Versatility Meets Function, Your Storage Solution.

Treku: Versatility Meets Function, Your Storage Solution.
Treku: Versatility Meets Function, Your Storage Solution.
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Treku: Versatility Meets Function, Your Storage Solution.

Jan 18, 2023

Manufacturers since 1947, Treku specializes in the production of furniture with wood veneer and natural veneer from responsibly managed forests (FSC). They have a close network of collaborating manufacturers that complement their capabilities and together with which, guarantees the best quality and service for their products. Treku's ambition is to create unique products that help generate personal and pleasant spaces in which to live. Their collection designs stands out for uniting functionality and form to providing each object with presence and delicacy. Objects that blur between the border lines of the modern and the classic, of the elegant and the fresh. Introducing Aura, Lauki, Bost and Kai - your versatile storage solutions that are designed to change the way you live. 

Personalise your space: The Aura collection has been conceived mainly for sideboards and furniture for living rooms and dining rooms. Its design is inspired by the past and under the influence of the design culture of the Nordic countries, which know how to combine tradition and naturalness with large doses of modernity. 

Aura TV Console

Aura Slideboard Design Treku Aura-Sideboard  

Organise your thoughts: The Lauki collection is made up of multiple boxes that can be arranged on the floor, piled on top of one another or hung from the wall. Moreover, these boxes are available in a wide range of different measurements, finishes and functions (drawers, doors, open modules, etc.), thus enabling you to create an endless variety of configurations to suit any room. The aesthetic subtlety of this collection draws you to it and invites you to touch and contemplate it.

Lauki Sideboard Design

For example, the same module can be used as a bedside table or an office drawer unit. With just a few different modules, you can design a solution for an entrance hall or any other room in the house. And by putting a larger number of them together, you can create a TV unit, sideboard or even a filing cabinet for the office.

Treku Lauki Console

Unleash your creativity: The Bost Collection - Simplicity, innovation and originality. Without extravagance. This is the philosophy of Yonoh, the creative study that has created the new modular shelf Bost for Treku. The result is a product that harmonizes wood and metal organically and work in different spaces in the home or in the work place.

Treku Bost Shelving

Build your vision into your space. With a wide variety of different units and options available for you to select and customise from, you can also include a desk or an open wardrobe into your Bost shelving system to save on space. There's no limit to how you want to create your Treku. Every piece is unique to its own and no Treku piece is the same.


The Kai Collection was designed in conjunction with prestigious French designer Jean Louis Iratzoki. Together the Kai shelving system was created to be characterised by a harmonious blend of solid wood and different materials such as coloured lacquer, felt and even marble. In other words, it is the combination of fine, high-quality materials with a range of fresher, more modern elements. The personality of each individual piece depends on the elements used to create it, with a wide range of styles available, from the more open to the more functional, and from the more colourful to the more sober and restrained. Work Kai as your traditional shelving piece or a room divider for your space. 

Treku Kai Shelving

Or perhaps a TV console to store of your collection of greatest music hits and accessories

Treku Kai TV Console

Treku is now an international brand of contemporary furniture founded by the Aldabaldetreku family in 1947 and today managed by the family's third generation. The company is located in Zarautz, a coastal town in the Basque country that has a great naval tradition, where designs, manufacturing and exporting of contemporary furniture is executed for more than 50 countries around the world through a select portfolio of stores and professionals. Bring your vision to life and speak to our Product Specialist today. 

Located at Funan Mall #04-01.