Grafunkt: 20% Off All Things Japanese!

Grafunkt: 20% Off All Things Japanese!

Grafunkt: 20% Off All Things Japanese!

Grafunkt: 20% Off All Things Japanese!

Grafunkt: 20% Off All Things Japanese!

Grafunkt: 20% Off All Things Japanese!
Grafunkt: 20% Off All Things Japanese!
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March 2023: 20% Off All Things Japanese!

Feb 13, 2023

Living true to what sets us apart — With an astounding 13,500 sqft showroom and home for many things Japanese; this March, we aim to bring to you an opportunity to immerse yourself in a design culture that is steeped in tradition yet distinctively Japanese. With the best of innovation, the beauty of fine details through artisan craftsmanship and modern design, discover how simple objects can be imbued with meaning and bring a sense of harmony and wellbeing into your everyday life.

From 3rd -26th March 2023, take 20% off all our Japanese brands in-store. Participating brands include:

  • CondeHouse
  • Koyori
  • Hoshina
  • Maruni                                                                                                                                                                                                               

Wing Lux Chair

The design of the Wing Lux Chair was inspired by busy women in the kitchen. Its short armrests allows greater freedom of movement for women to handle tasks between the kitchen and accomodating dinner guests at the dining table. 

CondeHouse Wing Lux Dining Chair 

Wing Lux Chair
- Options available for selection of full-arm or half-arm.

CondeHouse Wing Lux Dining Chair Lifestyle


Ippongi Table (Walnut), Wing Lux Side Chair

Preserving all natural scars and turning unique wood piece into masterpieces, ths is Ippongi. A table that embraces the natural cruves and beauty of wood. Made from two wooden planks derived from the same tree, the Ippongi table is both customisble in size and finish (Walnut / Oak). Ippongi is perfect for larger homes that have bigger dining spaces and for holding big meetings in office conference rooms.

CondeHouse Ippongi Dining Table


Yukar Series - Yuka Sofa, Yukar Coffee Table, Kamuy Lux Living Chair

Designed to enhance the true beauty of Hokkaido oak, the Yukar Sofa in combination with an armchair creates a more relaxing and cozy living space. It's compactness is a statement, a sofa that is made for those living in high-rise apartments in urban areas.

CondeHouse Yukar Living Sofa


Ten Series - 
Ten Dining Table, Ten Dining Chair, Ten Dining Bench

Ten - Simplicity at its finest. Available in Walnut or Ash.

CondeHouse Ten Dining Series_Lifestyle

RB Table (Walnut), Ten Dining Chair 

The round table that every big family needs, suitable to accommodate 6-10 individiuals depending on the table size. To make dining a tad more intimate, an option to install a lazy susan is there for you.

CondeHouse RB Dining Table

Musubi, Miau, Kawara & Shaku Dining Chair

Introducing the 4 pillars of Koyori - Kawara, Musubi, Miau and Shaku, the chairs that will set your space up for both design and comfort. A 2023 Wallpaper* Awards winner, Koyori won the "Best Seating" Japan award for its timeless design and craftsmanship. 

Miau Chair (Left) & Musubi Chair (Right)
Designed by GamFratesi & Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec

2023 Wallpaper_ Magazine_Koyori

Shaku Chair

Designed by Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec

Shaku Chair_Koyori

Kawara Chair 

Designed by Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec


Kawara Chair_Koyori


Credo Table, JK Chair

Distinctly different to a traditional design of a dining table, it's curved and rounded edges provides a sense of comfort to your arms when dining. When both pieces are paired together, the elegant shape of the table top is enhanced further, adding more dimension to your dining space.

Hoshina Credo Dining Table_Lifestyle

Castello Sofa

A majestic appearance reminiscent of a castle, a "castello" in Italian. The seat is soft and sinks, but has a sense of stability, and the voluminous headrest supports the back of the head, just like setting on a high-back sofa. Monopolize a seat by yourself without worrying about the neighbors.

The innovative part? The wooden shelving structure that connects to the sofa acts as both storage and side coffee table. Perfect for storing all of your living room neccesities such as magazines/remotes to placing a cup of coffee on it while lounging.

Hoshina Castello Sofa Living Lifestyle

MARUNI - New to Grafunkt.
Hiroshima Chair - Maruni has successfully gained international presence with their powerful designs series; Hiroshima, created by Naoto Fukasawa. The Hiroshima chair edged out other star names to land spots in the US 5 Billion Apple Park.



Not limited to the above products but extends to your favourite Japanese pieces. Promo now available in-store at Grafunkt (Minimum spend of $6,000). 
Grafunkt Terms & Conditions Apply. 

Find us at 107 North Bridge Road, Funan Mall #04-01.